From Smoking to Vaping

So, the question is, vaping or smoking? Well for me my answer is vaping. I have been a smoker before, and I will tell you it is not good. You will smell like ash tray. You will get bad breath and most of all the health hazards that you can acquire because of smoking. When I was smoking before my sense of taste went bland like I can’t taste food properly. I easily get tired just from walking or running short distances.

So, I knew that I should stop smoking and find another alternative that is I guess “healthier”. That was the turning point of me deciding to find another hobby. And it worked for me I purchased myself a volcano vaporizer. It was so good, first time I used feels like heaven.

Me and my vaporizer is inseparable, I always bring it wherever I go. I choose to purchase a vaporizer its because of the review I read online. The site VF was very helpful in choosing my first vaporizer. There also vaporizer reviews on this site. You can also find comparison reviews here that are very helpful in finding your next vaporizer.

Vaping has been positive for me. I smell good unlike before that I smell like a cigarette butt. I can enjoy my meal better now because I could smell them. Before its like my noise is clogged with something, I cannot smell my food, therefore I don’t have the appetite to eat.

One thing I observed when I left smoking is that my stamina is back. Before I get tired easily but now, I could run a marathon. Vaping is like godsend; it impacted my health positively and I am really thankful that I switched to this alternative. Vaping is healthier than smoking that is what I experienced.